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I believe creating a family brings us to the threshold of the ultimate expression of our human potential.  Parenthood changes us profoundly and forever, opening us to the highest manifestation of ourselves, for how we welcome infants into their world informs how they will embrace it.  Supporting the birth of vibrant, connected, self-actualized families is my life’s work.  It is an honor to walk briefly alongside and celebrate this remarkable journey with you!

About me…

My path into family and birth work began at the tender age of 4 when I met my first infant.  Overflowing with wonder at the awesome discovery of our ability to create, bring forth and nurture new life, I knew, then and there, that I wanted somehow always to be a part of that level of life unfolding.  The pursuit of doula work has brought me to the fullest realization of this lifelong impulse.  I am in even greater awe today of this miracle of our being than that 4-year old.  Especially of the power we hold which nature reveals to us in childbirth and of the vital connection to our humanity forged in the first relationship between parent and infant. To my doula and massage instruction practices I bring boundless passion for the initiation of Family.

To my practices I also bring a formal background in developmental psychology and early childhood education, including a Montessori ECE teaching credential.  Today I draw upon the rich blessings of two decades working intimately with parents and their children, from the family room couch to the classroom floor, to the executive director’s desk.  I also train and support the development of teachers serving families across a broad spectrum of human needs, and have created successful holistic early childhood programs in multiple settings.  Over these years, it has remained vitally clear to me the most fulfilling pursuits that I undertake continue to be those focused upon supporting primary relationships from birth. 

In 2011 I joyfully decided to make birth work my primary focus, first by completing DONA professional birth doula training with Connie Sultana and Debbie Lavin, then adding to my studies the Homebirth for Doulas course with Nickie and Juli Tilsner at Cornerstone and Hypnocentered Birth Techniques with Rachel Yellin.  In 2012 I went on to receive Instructor of Infant Massage training from Kalena Babeshoff at The Foundation for Healthy Family Living.  Today I am actively pursuing completion of CD(DONA) and CIIM certifications.

Doula support…

I possess absolute faith in the birth process.  I see birth as a beautifully vital and uniquely formative journey for every mama and every baby.  As a birth doula, I offer evidence-based labor and birth information, plus practical tools to support fully-informed decision-making, as you plan and advocate for the birth you envision.  I specialize in providing a spectrum of physical and emotional comfort techniques for you and your birth partner, as well as help establish a warm, loving environment that is peaceful, safe and conducive to gentle birth.  I hold absolutely sacred the psychological and psychic well-being of you and your baby during your birth journey together.  From providing home birth support to helping make the hospital setting more home-like --and embracing every hue or variation in between-- I will fully support you in achieving the rewarding birth experience that you seek.

Infant Massage…

In the “fourth trimester,” the period immediately following the birth of your baby, an extraordinary new learning and bonding time begins.  As a new parent, you must suddenly navigate a dramatically changed world and you quickly begin to appreciate the richness and complexity of family life with your new baby.  Through private or small group instruction in infant massage, I offer an opportunity for you to explore your nurturing skills and develop deep attunement with your baby.  Massage enhances bonding and builds a foundation of empowered communication and compassionate relationship between you and your child, delivering lifelong, far-reaching benefits.  Sharing massage has been shown to improve the health and well-being of the entire family.  Truly, massage is a gift for the giver as much as for the receiver!

From families I have served…

“My husband and I feel very fortunate to have had Jennifer as our doula for the birth of our second child. She has a very calm, positive, and kind demeanor which sold us right away. Her background in education was very evident in her attention to detail, logistics, and communication. She thought of things before we did, so there were never any surprises, and we had a plan for every scenario. As it happened, this birth had some medical twists and turns that we did not experience with our first, and Jennifer was right there, in the weeks leading up to the birth- helping us in so many ways. She had many resources; she was an incredible emotional support and even researched things that we had more questions about. Her presence during the weeks leading up to the birth made what could have been a negative and confusing time much more manageable and positive. For the birth itself, Jennifer came more than prepared with many tools that we had discussed, as well as some very great surprises like lollipops! (which really helped with my nausea). I ended up in the hospital for the duration of my labor, and am so grateful to have had Jennifer there the whole time. With her support, we were able to advocate for ourselves, try different positions, and ended up giving birth to a perfect baby boy with VERY limited interventions, which was a priority for us. Her follow up and follow-through have been so thorough and helpful; I would recommend Jennifer as a doula with no hesitations. With her amazing support, we were able to have a very special and positive second birth experience!”
--Sarah, Sebastopol

"I would highly recommend Jennifer to any mother and child.  Her kind and nurturing presence helped my baby feel safe and open the moment we met.  I am very particular about whose guidance I trust when it comes to my daughter and I feel very blessed that I found that gift in Jennifer.  Anyone would be lucky to have her as a teacher of infant massage and early childhood education..."    
-- Rachel, San Anselmo

The work I do is about facilitating understanding and also celebrating the miraculous biological workings of the human body, and it is about honoring the deeply transformative journey that we undergo from the moment we engage that awesome decision to grow a family.  I feel so very blessed to work with families in their preparations for welcoming new little ones into their midst with Heartful intention.

I look forward to hearing from you!

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